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Only this year 106 people have already frozen to death.

Only this year 110 people have already frozen to death. Mainly the homeless. This happened mainly because nobody helped them. Because they have only themselves to blame. They can go to work or at least to some shelter. If they don’t care, why should I? That is not my business.

INVISIBLE – this is who they are for us. It is easier to turn the head than to extend a hand. It is simpler. More comfortable. Safer.

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we work


Homeless Penmen

Having searched throughout the whole are of Poland we have found three Homeless Penmen. We have selected their pieces of writing and chosen reportings, poems, short stories and a play. Then we released a book, but we printed it with a paint that is visible only when the temperatures are below freezing. 

At home, in the armchair,  with tea you will not understand what it is about. You must go out to them. Outside. To the freeze.




  • 3 500 PLN – the highest unit price
  • 11 721 311 PLN – reach value*
  • 1 348 656 PLN – AVE