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The hottest investment in the capital city

Koszyki have been known in Warsaw for years. In 2016, the time came for their long-awaited reopening.

The range of activities for which we were responsible was really extended. For the start it was creating a communication strategy and designing the Hall’s visual identity. During the next stages our task was to engage the community –both the virtual and the real one. All the organisational and strategic effort was coped with the event of the opening of Koszyki All the activities were coordinated by our PR department.

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All together

Each and every department of Walk was involved in the project

WALK with David
The inspiration to create the logo of Hala Koszyki was the original neon sign from 1960s. Basing on its typography, we designed the writing “Koszyki”, which was then placed between two lines, so that the logo has gained more modern character. This element of the design also corresponded with the historical function of the Hala – in the past people going shopping would write down the list of errands on a lined piece of paper. The neon with the logo can be seen on the beautifully restored building of Hala Koszyki.

Created basing on the typography, the font of the writing “Koszyki” is the hallmark of the hall. It contains all the alphabetical and numerical characters. The font is used in outdoor creations across Warsaw, on the Internet, and also on the website www.koszyki.com.

WALK Creative

Hala Koszyki – in line with the strategy developed by Walk Creative – is a “Warsaw Crucible” – a place where people from all walks of life – students, businessmen, families with children and local residents who remember the Hala from decades ago meet and enjoy flavours from all around the world.

Creations are based on the photographs by Piotr Stokłosa and refer to the culinary climate of Hala Koszyki, with the intriguingly created, enchanting contrasts of grocery products with seemingly irrelevant elements like an axe or a trumpet. The three-stage campaign devised by Walk Creative can be seen on the outdoor media in all Warsaw.

Inauguration of Hala Koszyki was also the occasion conduct the premiere of the film, which Walk Creative had made by to highlight the 10th anniversary of Griffin Real Estate, the investor of restoration of the hall. The film was being displayed on the walls of Hala Koszyki.

WALK Events

On 20th October,2016 invited guests could see Hala Koszyki for the very first time and enjoy the selection of dishes offered by quality restaurants situated inside and outside the building.
The venue was filled with atmospheric music – the compilation prepared by Stanisław Trzciński, whose arrangements are played in the hall every day. The guests could also see two exhibitions, one of which presented the history of Hala Koszyki and its renovation. The climax of the event was the film summarizing 10 years of operation of Griffin Real Estate, after which a light show was organized. The event was hosted by Magdalena Mołek and the guest of honour was Konrad Morawiecki, Polish Minister of Finance.

WALK Social Media

In May 2016, when Walk Social Media started taking care of Hala Koszyki its profile had about 4 thousand people. The biggest challenge was to maintain the constant interest of the followers till the moment of the opening. At the end of October 2016, the community of Hala Koszyki gathered on Facebook reached nearly 32 thousand of people involved.

WALK Digital

www.koszyki.com with its visual layer referring to the architectural elements of Hala Koszyki, contains the most important information about the hall. The Agency was also responsible for devising banner creations featuring the content matching the interest of several target groups.


Our tasks were: preparation and implementation of a three-stage communication strategy (pre-launch, launch and post-launch) and maintenance of the constant interest of the media. The interest was understood as regularly appearing papers regarding wide range of topics, including triggering discussions about revitalisation of historic objects, Polish culinary traditions and habits and the social function of the hall. In addition to these we were in constant touch with lessees of the hall.
However, our biggest challenge was preparation of the 360 ° communication plan and coordination of operation of all the departments.

Tastily good


Tastily good

Activities in social media:
• 66% of the reach was the viral reach
• 410 436 is the largest total day reach (24.10.2016)
• 925 508 is the largest number of daily views (23.10.2016)

PR actions:
• The subject of Hala Koszyki appears regularly in the most popular media
• Within the first 10 days after the opening of the hall more than 370 publications appeared in media
• Advertising value equivalent of more than 1 million PLN – even before the opening of the Hala